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Release date: 11 August 2017

Running time: 129 minutes

Featuring stars such as Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul, Vivek, Hrishikesh, Samuthirakani, and Saranya Ponvannan, VIP 2 Indian Telugu language film. SoundaryaRajnikanth directs this Indian action comedy film. Dhanush himself has produced the movie under the banner of Wunderbar Films. It is the sequel to VIP, a 2014 movie. The movie starts two years after the first movie, with Civil Engineer Raghuvaran (played by Dhanush) winning the Civil Engineer of the Year award. VIP 2 movie is a classic example that there will always be a triumph of good over evil. A perfect blend of action and comedy, this movie is a must-watch for the fans of Telugu Cinema. It is the second South Indian film of Kajol after 1997. Raghuvaran, a polite family man committed to his job and work, battles the egoistic and arrogant Vasundhara (played by Kajol). Vasundhara leaves no opportunity to hamper Raghuvaran’s work life. The intervention of Vasundhara begins impacting his private life as well. The action sequence of the movie is another good reason to watch it. Dhanush, our favorite, is looking even more dashing while fighting the villains.

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